Exclusive Interview with a Professional Blogger!!

Hello readers! Today I’m going to interview a very special person who made my lockdown efficient. It is my blogging educator Ms Aswini Balasubramanian.

She is a 19y/o from India who’s pursuing engineering but writing has been her solace for a long time now. She discovered herself through writing poems, songs, blogs and articles. Writing not only helped to discover herself it also helped her get away from her anxieties and insecurities. In a world where everyone wants to be a princess she wants to be a writer who would make people smile through her writings.

Here are the few questions I asked and the answers she said from her perspective

Q-How long have you been writing blogs?

Ans: I’ve been writing since my high school but then I started writing blogs for a year now.

Q-What is your first blog? A fews words about it.

Ans: I was this person who felt down and was depressed due to the corona virus anxiety in 2020. I wanted to create an awareness to people about the coronavirus anxiety and how we can overcome it so that was my first blog and yeah people said it really helped them with the anxiety issues.

Q-What has been your most successful post? Why do you think it was appealing?

Ans: I’ve always found sensational and sensitive topics that was most reached and encouraged by readers. As they get to connect with the surroundings around them. It’s also important to write about things that are happening around us as it also helps in creating awareness amongst people.

Q-Describe your writing process, from concept to publishing.

Ans: Writing is just the 30% of the entire process publishing takes up most of time. After finishing the draft, I proofread it for 5-6 times and correct the grammar mistakes. It’s important to always think about how you want the draft to sound to your readers and how it actually sounds when you read it before publishing so if it doesn’t fit your perspective check the draft and try to make the changes.

Q- How do you stay motivated?

Ans: To be honest, I write whenever I get inspiration. Concept is something that comes out of the blue but then you’ll have to instantly jot it down as your instant thoughts gets fades away easily. Even if I don’t get inspiration for a long time I’ve never had that hatred feeling towards writing as it’s my solace.

Q-How do you attract new readers? Describe the methods you’ve used.

Ans: New readers are very common as I gain new followers almost everyday as per my Instagram community. I tend to always give my best in every write-up I post and I never compromise when it comes to writing and publishing my works. Most of my friends started reading blogs after I started publishing it and I have a continuation between blogs that makes them wait for the blog and the eagerness increases automatically they get attracted to my writings.

Q- That is really amazing . What would you do to improve your content? Why?

Ans: To improve my content I tend to learn new things from different blogs of different people around the world. Reading others blogs and reading books helps in writing in a more efficient manner. My writings aren’t that perfect so I always tend to learn something new everyday in the field of writing.

Q- Last question. Where can we read your blogs?

Ans: https://enchantednmelancholy.wordpress.com/ Enchanted melancholy is my own website.

Thank you for spending your time with me. I had a very great time interviewing you. Thank you mam.

http://tigressandbutterfly.com/the-genz-town-girl-journey-starts/ , http://tigressandbutterfly.com/the-gen-z-town-girl-the-journey-of-pretending/ , http://tigressandbutterfly.com/the-gen-z-town-girl-the-common-syndrome-as-a-teenager/ These are one of the series which she is writing in the tigressandbutterfly page. This series is about the generation-z and how my life unfolded and what are all the things I faced as a kid, teenager and now a adult so it’s pretty much about my life and generation-z can relate to it to a greater extent. It’s an ongoing series. You can read it on the above link.

Hope you enjoyed my interview with Aswini Mam. Follow for more blogs. Will meet you in the next blog. Bye. Thank you.

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